Make Shi(f)t Happen w/Desireé B Stephens
Make Shi(f)t Happen w/Desireé B Stephens
Desireé B Stephens she/her

Make Shi(f)t Happen is a space for us all to come together

In order to heal the collective, we must heal collectively!

About Me

I am a decolonization counselor that specializes in shadow work. I  do this work through paradigm shifts, and by creating new systems. I focus on serving and helping others by working with the systems and processes that already exist and aiding you in creating new systems and thought patterns that will get you into a space of creating and manifesting what you desire. 

This is deep shadow work to healing. 

Through conversations, various practices, and deconstructing our understanding of the world, we begin to heal and create a new world through new agreements.

I work with the whole self to integrate the many experiences and parts of you. 

Cultivating Community

Living with intention.

Community building and life are all about agreements. The agreements we make and keep, be it in action or in silence, create the society around us. 

We are seeking like-minded people to create new agreements and abide by them in truth and love.

It is the idea of an intentional community in an online forum.

Collective Work, Equals Collective Healing

My intent is to cull together the creative healing powers of trusted practitioners to bring about the shift of universal healing.

Here You Will Find Practitioners With Various Modalities, Tools, and Practices To Aid You Along Your Journey To Your Highest Healing. I believe it's best to heal in the open and do so collectively.